Embracing Apple's ugly hump: Design dud, utility triumph

Apple's iPhone Smart Battery Case is ugly. It's also awesome.
I had this epiphany as I read a ridiculous story about Apple's 18% stock tumble coinciding with the December 7 release of "The Hump."
While there are a dozen (or more) reasons for Apple's stock slide, The Hump is not one of them.
On the other hand, it's hard to argue with any Smart Battery Case aesthetics criticism. Apple's design history is one of smooth, clean lines. The tolerances between materials are without peer. I've marveled, for instance, at the way the Apple Watch's sapphire-glass-covered screen transitions to the solid chrome body. There's nary a millimeter of space between the two. Read more... More about Iphone , Apple , Battery , Cases , and Iphone 6