'Fortnite' event caps off Season 9 with an epic kaiju showdown

Another season of Fortnite is at an end, and this one owes a lot to Pacific Rim , Godzilla, and kaiju fiction.
The Season 9 send-off featured a knockdown brawl between a towering sea monster with a castle rampart affixed to its back and a multi-colored mecha that's like if Voltron had a robo-cat head. Players could only watch as the two skyscraper-sized being duked it out.
The mecha emerged in the end as our victor, bouncing back after having an arm ripped off to plunge a giant sword into the monster's head. The mecha then did a one-armed floss dance — one of the many real world dances that have been appropriated into Fortnite emotes — before flying off into parts unknown. Read more... More about Epic Games , Kaiju , Fortnite , Entertainment , and Gaming