Ever wanted a personal air conditioner? This one is on sale.

TL;DR: You can get the energy-efficient EvaChill EV-500 personal air conditioner for $79 — a savings of 20% off its usual price tag. 

Summer is here, and so is the insufferable heat that unfortunately comes with it. The rising temperature is enough to drive anyone to a perpetual state of crankiness and give us unattractive pit stains and sweat mustaches. We should all be looking cute this summer, and not like Jordan Peele in Browser History , you know?
While it's tempting to turn the AC all the way up, you probably also don't want to pay an astronomically high power bill. And that's why the evaCHILL is here — it's an ultra-lightweight and energy-efficient personal air conditioner that lets you beat the heat and save on energy bills at the same time. For a limited time, you can pick it up on sale for 20% off . Read more... More about Tech , Home , Air Conditioning , Mashable Shopping , and Tech