Hurricane Barry photos show an otherworldly city, deep under water

For the people of Mandeville, Louisiana, the effects of Hurricane Barry continue to be nothing short of otherworldly.
On Saturday, the now tropical storm made landfall along the northern Gulf Coast as a Category 1 hurricane, leaving tens of thousands across Louisiana and Mississippi without power and otherwise cut off from drier parts of the region. 
Areas of widespread flooding varied in severity with some seeing accumulations of 20 inches , while others escaped with substantially lower-than-predicted rainfall. 
In Mandeville, just 132 miles from Morgan City where the storm first made contact with land, the shore of Lake Pontchartrain expanded onto city streets. On Lakeshore Drive, photographer Scott Olson captured dozens of residents, many of them couples and families, as they explored the transformed — and largely underwater — portion of their shared home. Read more... More about Photos , Hurricane , Aftermath , Tropical Storm , and Barry