Let Amazon sell you some books about wealth inequality and climate change

Prime Day, the day Amazon is set to make $2 billion as we shoppers seize deals on electronics filled with mined minerals or accessories formed through melted down plastic, is upon us. 
To glom on, succubus like, to the frenzy of Prime Day — but with a subversive twist! — I thought it would be cute to suggest you read some books about the way money, power, shortsightedness, and greed fueled the success of companies like Amazon and their billionaire bosses, at the expense of our wallets, planet, and collective future. 
Alas, forgive me. 
Searching for books about the topics of waste reduction, climate change, and income inequality, and being immediately served links to buy from the very company that is perpetuating waste production , climate change , and income inequality , invited a certain amount of reflection, and a shameful feeling of hypocrisy.  Read more... More about Books , Climate Change , Inequality , Prime Day 2019 , and Tech