‘Stranger Things 3’ reimagines zombie horror as an internet rage mob

The kids might call their Upside Down monster the Mind Flayer, a D&D reference, but Stranger Things 3 leans in on zombie horror.
It's a different kind of zombie than the ones we're used to, more intelligent and free-thinking. It wears the face of people you know, but it's not a scary face — not at first. It just wants to show you, bring you into the fold. The instinct for violent consumption is still there, roiling beneath the surface and ready to lash out, but it's guided with hateful purpose by the Mind Flayer hivemind.
That ought to sound familiar. It's 2019 and anyone who exists online lives with those monsters every day Stranger Things 3 offers a breed of zombie that taps into the darkest impulses of an internet rage mob. Read more... More about Netflix , Zombies , Stranger Things , Stranger Things 3 , and Entertainment