Watch: Jeff Bezos rushed by protester on stage at re:Mars conference

Shed no tears for Jeff Bezos . 
The Platonic ideal of an out-of-touch rich man was slightly inconvenienced Thursday when a protester confronted the billionaire king on stage at Amazon's re:Mars conference in Las Vegas.
The protester, who was quickly ushered off stage, addressed the CEO directly. The audio is a little rough, but it sounds like she's asking Bezos to commit to stopping Amazon's alleged engagement in animal cruelty. 
"Jeff, please," she can be heard saying. "You're the richest man on this planet, you can help the animals."

Bezos, meanwhile, laughed it off. "Do you have a response for that," he asked the interviewer — to a hearty laugh from the Las Vegas crowd.  Read more... More about Amazon , Jeff Bezos , Tech , and Big Tech Companies