I met the author of the viral 'don't pick my flowers' note

The internet is bitterly divided over the Great Floral Fracas of 2019 .
After a war of Post-It notes erupted on a street in south London, and promptly went viral, the author of the very first note would like to set the record straight. 
A few days ago, I was walking along my road in Brixton when I spotted a tree that was papered a kaleidoscopic array of handwritten notes. "Please don't pick my flowers. Thank you," read the first missive. "In an area massively affected by gentrification, it's sad to see people claiming ownership of even the flowers," replied another note, penned in green ink. 
After I tweeted photos of the war of words, the argument went viral, gaining 16K likes, and 2.1K retweets, and even a cheeky retweet from James Corden. Everyone was taking sides. The internet was now split into three distinct camps: Team My Flowers, Team Green Ink, and Team Pink Post It Note.  Read more... More about Viral , Flowers , Notes , Culture , and Web Culture