6 emergency tools on sale for less than $40 each

Accidents happen, things break, and climate change means that extreme weather has now become the norm.
Point is: it’s always good to be prepared in case things get a little messy (and boy, is there room for things to get messy). The great news is that getting caught off guard is not an inevitability. Check out the following six items, each of which is on sale and a must-have for any emergency kit:
1. SOScharger: The USB pocket charger with unlimited power
This pocket charger is designed to keep your phone powered even through emergencies. Just plug in your device to capitalize upon the 2,300 mAh capacity (enough to charge most phones to their full capacity and then some). In the event the charger's battery runs out, you can generate unlimited power simply by cranking the handle. Read more... More about Safety , Mashable Shopping , Emergency Prep , Culture , and Consumer Tech