I, Jeff Bezos, am a big boy with a big truck. VROOOOM!

I, Jeff Bezos , super rich adult man and definite Big Boy, like trucks! And construction equipment! And moving dirt! VROOOOOOM ! BEEP BEEP !
But you already know this! I told you so! When, yesterday, I hopped into a large front loader (can you believe they let me do this stuff?!) and, in front of a bunch of cameras, picked up some dirt and then DUMPED IT right back onto the same spot!

We’re investing $1.5 billion in our new air hub to get you your packages faster. Three million square feet, and it’s going to create 2,000 jobs. And if you’re guessing that driving a front loader was fun, you’re right! #amazon #prime pic.twitter.com/Cud4orKrC4
— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) May 14, 2019
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