Tesla Model 3 is finally available in the UK

As promised , Tesla's Model 3 is now available to order in the United Kingdom. 
It was quite a long wait for UK citizens, who were able to reserve their place in line to get a Model 3 as far back as 2016 — but better late than never, no?
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The pricing (with destination and documentation fee included) starts at £38,900 for the Partial Premium Interior model with a rear-wheel drive. The Long Range model with a dual motor and an all-wheel drive costs £47,900, and the Performance variant costs £56,900. 

Image: Tesla If you switch to the Payment screen on the Model 3 order page you'll also get Tesla's estimate on fuel savings; for example, for the £38,900 variant, this estimate is £9,500. Note that in the U.S., this number is far lower at $4,500 — and while the U.S. does have cheaper gas than the UK, I'm still not certain that I understand Tesla's math here. Read more... More about Tesla , United Kingdom , Tesla Model 3 , Tech , and Transportation