YouTube's algorithm pushed a sexist video about Katie Bouman, the scientist behind the black hole photo

This week, scientists brought us the first-ever picture of a black hole Katie Bouman , a 29-year-old MIT graduate student, led the team that developed the algorithm making this photo possible. She quickly became the face of the historical scientific achievement.
Just two days later, however, a sexist video attacking Bouman was the top result for her name on YouTube.
That's right: YouTube’s search algorithm found a video promoting a Reddit conspiracy claiming Bouman didn't deserve as much credit as one of her male co-workers to be the most relevant result for her name. 

A screenshot of the YouTube search results page for Katie Bouman before the "top news" algorithm change. Image: SCREENSHOT / MASHABLE Read more... More about Youtube , Stem , Black Hole , Conspiracy Theory , and Sexist

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