Sarah Connor steals the show in explosive CinemaCon footage of 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

Like the Terminator himself, Terminator is the franchise that just won't die. 
At CinemaCon Thursday, Paramount Pictures presented the very first footage from their latest attempt to breathe new life into this classic series, Terminator: Dark Fate .
Directed by Tim Miller ( Deadpool ), the new film picks up after T2 and brings back not only Arnold Schwarzenegger but Linda Hamilton, who remains every bit as cool as she ever was.
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The new footage, which Miller cautioned did not have complete sound or VFX, began by introducing us to Mackenzie Davis' Grace, whose naked body we first see falling to the ground from a ball of electricity that's formed in the middle of a Mexico City bridge. A young man and woman see the apparently injured woman and try to help, only for the cops to show up and try to arrest them.  Read more... More about Cinemacon , Terminator Dark Fate , Entertainment , and Movies Tv Shows

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