Get an Echo Dot Kids Edition for just .99 cents when you sign up for Prime Book Box

Getting your kids excited to learn in a world of extremely accessible technology can be a struggle.
You want them to appreciate physical books, but also want them to take advantage of the learning possibilities that technology affords — but what's the line that separates healthy usage and brains turning to mush? Screen time effects are harder to measure than you think, and there's not a one-size-fits-all limit yet. In the meantime, you can experiment to find the right balance for your family.
Amazon wants to give busy parents a hand on both ends: Through March 26, you can get an Echo Dot Kids Edition for just $0.99 when you sign up for a Prime Book Box subscription . That $19.99/month will get you hand-picked children's books up to 40% off and delivered right to your door. Read more... More about Books , Amazon Prime , Echo Dot , Mashable Shopping , and Shopping Amazon

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