These wireless earbuds recharge just like the new Galaxy Buds, but are only $40

One of the best features of Samsung's Galaxy Buds is their ability to recharge on-the-go so they don't leave you hanging during a long commute. Unfortunately, that depends on your ability to not lose one in a subway crowd or flush one down the toilet (easier than it sounds). With these CX1 True Wireless Earbuds , you can enjoy the convenience of on-the-go charging and a true wireless design, and also feel okay if one accidentally gets flushed. 
You'll still get 60 hours of straight music with the included charging case, and you'll only have to cough up $39.99 thanks to this deal . That means you can go ahead and order two backup pairs, and still not pay for as much as a single pair of Galaxy Buds. Read more... More about Wireless Earbuds , Mashable Shopping , Shopping Stackcommerce , Bluetooth Earbuds , and Tech