Android Q has a trick to make Wi-Fi password sharing a whole lot simpler

Do you know your house's Wi-Fi password, or is it lost in a stack of papers in one of seven possible drawers?
If it's the latter (it sure is for me), you'll welcome Android Q's new, clever way of sharing Wi-Fi passwords: Via a QR code. 
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Android Authority reports that Android Q, which just came out in beta , now lets you go into your Wi-Fi settings, tap on your current network, then tap "Share," which will generate a QR code (note that you will have to authenticate with a fingerprint or pin to do this). 
Then, you can take another phone running Android Q, go to Wi-Fi settings, and tap the icon on the right of the Add network setting. This will give you the QR scanner; now scan the code on the other phone, and you'll connect to the Wi-Fi network.  Read more... More about Google , Android , Wi Fi , Android Q , and Wi Fi Sharing

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