Celebrate Pi Day by building epic robots with Raspberry Pi

Pi Day is finally here. The least imaginative celebrate by cooking pies, the academic indulge in a worldwide celebration of mathematics, and the stubborn insist that Pi Day doesn’t make sense because the equation is an infinite number and not 3.14. That last group never gets invited to any of the parties thrown by the first two. Oh, and if you think we’re joking: the first widespread celebration of Pi Day was in 1988, and in 2009 Congress supported the designation of March 14th as Pi Day. It’s a real holiday, not just a math joke.
As for us? We’re celebrating Pi Day with a bunch of deals on courses that will teach you to tinker with Raspberry Pi — a miniature computer that's a great practice ground for programming your own electronics, robotics, and Internet of Things experiments. You can even use it to teach Amazon Alexa to do crazy things.  Read more... More about Raspberry Pi , Pi Day , Engineering , Mashable Shopping , and Shopping List