Save $50 on this drone that looks (and flies) like a real bird

The hot duck has nothing on the Bionic Bird .
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a drone? Well, folks, it's all of the above.
Perfect for drone enthusiasts who are growing bored of the current market offerings and want to play with something new, the Bionic Bird will reignite your passion for flying.
Check it out in action:

It's equipped with two flexible wings to conquer the skies instead of the four propellers found on traditional drones. It's designed to look and fly like a bird so much so that even actual birds get duped thinking it's part of their flock. When it runs out of juice, just perch it atop the portable egg charger for a few minutes and let it take off again. Read more... More about Drones , Mashable Shopping , Shopping Stackcommerce , Bionic Bird , and Tech

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