Best pre-order deals for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e smartphones

After nearly a decade of tweaking the Galaxy lineup, Samsung has created the most exciting phone that the company has seen in, well, forever.
No, seriously — Android has never seen anything like the Samsung Galaxy S10. It's finally available for pre-order, and come March 8, it could be in your hands. Preorders are live through March 7, when the phone will be available online and in stores.
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The S10 comes in three models: The S10 itself, the bigger S10+, and the cheaper S10e. The line features edge-to-edge display (curved on the S10 and S10+) and essentially non-existent bezels, an FHD+ default resolution (they're the first HDR+ certified phone screens, actually), three cameras including an ultra-wide one, Wireless PowerShare charging, and lightning fast OnePlus performance with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 885 chip . Even Apple diehards can probably agree that the Galaxy S10 is the best-looking phone they've ever seen. Read more... More about Samsung , Mashable Shopping , Shopping List , Shopping Skimlinks , and Shopping Cj

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