Behold: Lego's 1,400-piece 'Kessel Run Millennium Falcon' in all of its glory

Think you know everything there is to know about Han Solo's legendary Millennium Falcon ? Think again.
At New York Toy Fair , we got a sneak peek of the famed space freighter as we'll see it in Solo , back when it belonged to Lando Calrissian. Serious fans will have the opportunity to build it themselves in Lego form — and let's just say O-M-G!
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Lego's released several brick versions of the Millennium Falcon before — there's the $800, 7,500-piece version and 1,400-piece edition from The Force Awakens — but this new "Kessel Run Millennium Falcon" coming out in April for $170 is the first time we're seeing it with its original paint job. Read more... More about Lego , Toys , Star Wars , Toy Fair , and Millennium Falcon

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