The Hover-1 Cruze is the only electric skateboard that doesn't terrify me

I'm a decent skateboarder, and electric skateboards terrify me. 
Most electric skateboards are remote-controlled. When I push the button to start the board, it tends to jerk abruptly into motion, because my hands are uncoordinated, and my fingers are thick and clumsy. When I do manage to get it moving, my finger quivers, because if it slips and pushes the throttle by accident, the board will abruptly shoot forward, and I'll fall off and die, probably. 
But after a good deal of searching, I've found it: An electric skateboard that I'm not constantly terrified of falling off of. Enter the Hover-1 Cruze, currently available for $249.99 at Best Buy .  Read more... More about Skateboard , Skateboarding , Electric Skateboards , Electric Skateboard , and Tech