The robots of CES are a joke

The robots of the future are, well, still figuring things out.
That was the overwhelming takeaway from CES , the world's largest tech convention, held this past week in Las Vegas. From a laundry-folding bot that couldn't fold laundry , to an AI-powered helper that refused to help , to an in-home mechanical maid that kept dropping stuff, the dream of robotic friends making our lives easier is clearly a long way off. 
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But apparently no one bothered to communicate that fact to the exhibitors and companies showcasing their latest contributions to the technology-fueled utopian delusion that is CES. Both corporate behemoth and niche manufacturer alike demoed a series of robots that, while (for the most part) slickly packaged, failed to deliver on their core promise — whatever it happened to be.  Read more... More about Ces , Robots , Ai , Aibo Dog , and Ces 2018