Katie Nolan is what ESPN needs in the digital age

Katie Nolan works for ESPN, but her Saturday work shift wasn't a typical made-for-TV broadcast. For one, she was seated in an armchair, legs curled up underneath her, and was dressed in a flannel and jeans. 
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“Don’t quote me on this, but look it up. You’re at a computer," Nolan said to no one in particular as she discussed football, Atlanta remixes, and blocking people on Twitter with her colleague Clinton Yates for ESPN's NFL Wildcard Live, airing exclusively on Twitter.
Nolan isn't a typical sports analyst who shares breaking news and meticulously scrutinizes replays. She's a Boston native who loves the New England Patriots and will send tweets like this on a Saturday night:  Read more... More about Twitter , Television , Football , Snapchat , and Espn

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