Cybersecurity researchers breach Windows 10 facial recognition with a photo

Researchers at the German IT Security company SySS GmbH successfully fooled the Windows 10 facial recognition system by using a printed photo of the user's face.
Their spoofing efforts were published on the cybersecurity site Seclists on Dec. 18. The cybersecurity experts bypassed Windows Hello — which is Microsoft's password-free security software — on both a Dell and Microsoft laptop running different versions of Windows 10, which is cause for concern for anyone using this feature to log into their account. 
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Deceiving Windows 10 didn't take too much effort. It just required "having access to a suitable photo of an authorized person" to "easily" bypass the system, wrote the experts. The photo required is the full image of someone's face — so if someone really wants to attempt to deceive the facial recognition system, the barriers aren't too great.  Read more... More about Tech , Cybersecurity , Windows 10 , Computer Security , and Windows Hello

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