China now has more supercomputers on the world’s top 500 list than the U.S.

China has reached a supercomputing milestone.
The country now has more machines on a list of the world's 500 fastest supercomputers than the U.S. 
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China has 202 systems on the Top500's supercomputer list, with the U.S. comparatively having only 143.
The U.S. ranking is its lowest since the Top500 rankings began 25 years ago, though the country still manages to come in at second place.
Japan comes in third with 35 supercomputers, and Germany fourth with 20.
According to Top500 , China's managed to turn things around pretty fast. Just six months ago, the US led with 169 systems, with China slightly trailing with 160. Read more... More about Tech , China , Supercomputers , Supercomputers China , and Supercomputers China Us