Google's Pixel 2 XL update should fix the screen burn issues

Google's latest software update for its Pixel 2 XL phones is innocuous on the surface, but it should alleviate some of the recently reported issues with the device's OLED screen. 
A large number of Pixel 2 XL owners say they're experiencing significant " burn-in " issues — which leaves visible image residue on the screen after an image is shown for too long — as well as discoloration issues on their Pixel 2 XL phones. 
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Now, following a new update that was initially announced in late October, the Pixel 2 XL will decrease the maximum brightness and also fade out the navigations buttons at the bottom of the screen to combat the burn-in issue. Read more... More about Google , Screen , Burn In , Pixel 2 Xl , and Google Pixel 2 Xl