Here's how you can actually use your phone when you listen to YouTube on mobile

YouTube is meant for video, but as most everyone has figured out by now, it's also great for music. You can find just about every deep cut imaginable on the platform — but listening to the tunes on the mobile app isn't always the most enjoyable experience. 
The YouTube app has one particularly egregious flaw for listeners: Playback is only available when the app is front and center on a user's screen, and it stops when you shift your attentions elsewhere and open another. 
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I'm one of those weirdos who refuses to embrace streaming , so I turn to YouTube for one-off mobile jams. The playback problem is really grating — nothing's worse than losing all other functions of my phone for the full 5:20 of Danny Brown's Really Doe when I'm at the gym.  Read more... More about Youtube , Android , Ios , Tech Utility , and Tech