On top of everything else, Equifax hackers got 10 million driver's licenses

It turns out, we're still not done talking about Equifax. 
Sources told the Wall Street Journal that last month's breach compromised the driver's license data of around 10.9 million Americans. 
The breach, which was announced Sept. 7, gave anonymous hackers access to personal information, including the social security numbers, of 145.5 million Americans. At the time, the credit reporting agency noted that some driver's licenses were accessed, but did not disclose how many. 
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Equifax customers provided driver's license information to verify their identities in credit-report disputes. The hackers exploited a vulnerability in the dispute portal to access the driver's license information, which can include personal details such as its owner's full name, date of birth, home address. Read more... More about Tech , Cybersecurity , Equifax , Equifax Hack , and Business