Weaponized sound is nothing new, but the attacks in Cuba are a mystery

The story goes that, during the Battle of Jericho, God directed seven priests to blast notes from their ram's horns as they circled the city, and the sound from those horns wobbled the walls of Jericho until they crumbled. 
This, almost certainly, did not happen . But sound has long been used in war and other battles to, as one expert put it, "influence, manipulate and torture."
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Strange reports of weaponized sound in Cuba, however, have experts baffled. According to the Associated Press, U.S. and Canadian diplomats have suffered hearing loss , ringing in the ears, concussion, nosebleeds, and more after hearing what they often describe as targeted bursts of sound in their homes and at one hotel. The U.S. victim count is now up to 21. Read more... More about Tech , Tech , and Politics