8 things Apple didn't tell us about the iPhone X

And then it was real.
In a few short moments after the words "one more thing..." appeared on a massive screen during the Sept. 12 Apple keynote, the iPhone X went from a much-rumored tech myth to a real, officially announced product. Soon Apple's SVP of marketing Phil Schiller was back out to tell us all the new features, from the edge-to-edge "Super Retina" display to wireless charging to the oh-man-it's-as-much-as-a-MacBook-Air $999 starting price.
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But he didn't tell us everything.
The iPhone X has a bunch of interesting details that Schiller (or anyone) didn't say one word about during the keynote — especially some notable fine print on the official spec sheet : There are many notable changes from previous iPhones, and some things that were surprisingly left the same. There are also a couple of important things we still don't know, but now have more clues about. Read more... More about Apple , Iphone , Iphone 8 , Iphone X , and Tech