Equifax should be the breach that broke the camel’s back

The Equifax data breach disaster is the last straw.
This can't go on. 
We can’t let companies flout cyber security best practices and common sense, and we can no longer rely on Social Security numbers as a secure and discrete form of identification. Equifax hasn't shared its own cybersecurity practices, but it's fair to say even if they were indeed subpar, it'll likely survive this storm longterm, even while victims suffer.
It’s time for some changes.
Equifax, a company best known for helping us check our credit scores and protecting consumers from identity theft(!) announced Thursday that it suffered a massive hack impacting 143 million Americans, that's 44% of the population. The monumental security breach exposed millions and millions of personal data bits to hackers. Read more... More about Cybersecurity , Hack , Data Breach , Equifax , and Equifax Hack