'Back' is the new British comedy every 'Peep Show' fan needs to watch

Peep Show may be well and truly over, but the Mitchell and Webb partnership lives on.
The duo's new show — a entertainingly awkward comedy called Back about a dysfunctional extended family — kicks off on Channel 4 on Wednesday night.
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Mashable previewed the first two episodes and spoke to David Mitchell and Robert Webb at a roundtable event in London to get the lowdown.
What's the show actually about?
Mitchell plays Stephen Nicholls, a mildly pathetic pub owner struggling to manage the family business in the aftermath of his dad's death. Webb is his long-lost, smirking foster brother Andrew — a man who says he spent five months living with Stephen's family as a child, and who now wants to return home to claim his own stake in the pub. Read more... More about Uk , Funny , Comedy , Interview , and Peep Show