How the heart-stopping music for blockbuster film trailers gets made

In terms of box office takings, a trailer can make or break a movie.
On the one hand, it could go viral. It could be like the IT teaser trailer . That one's had almost 31 million YouTube views at the time of writing, and it even set a record for the most online views in a single day.
If the trailer misses the mark, though — if it's a bit drab or, even worse, it gets panned — it could significantly damage the hype around a movie's release.
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One man who's well aware of this is 26-year-old Frederick Lloyd. Under the name Ursine Vulpine, he has composed music that's featured in a huge number of blockbuster trailers: everything from Mad Max: Fury Road to the recent Professor Marston & The Wonder Women : Read more... More about Music , Uk , Trailers , Movie Trailers , and Composer