A skate park brings the kids of a small village in India together

In India's Janwaar village in Madhya Pradesh, where roads are still under construction and thatched mud houses are the only thing you can see, there’s a skatepark Built in April 2015, it’s the first skatepark in rural India where young kids are not just having fun, but breaking caste and education barriers.  It took me 49 hours from India's capital, New Delhi, to travel to Janwaar. I booked a train, hitched on a bus and rode a rickshaw to finally arrive in this dusty village. With a population of just over 1,000 and about 240 houses, it has virtually no jobs or businesses outside of agriculture, and even that is becoming increasingly difficult because of regular droughts. Read more... More about India , Skateboarding , Janwaar Castle , Culture , and Sports