Human error caused a self-driving Nissan LEAF to crash in San Francisco

Humans just keep proving how bad they are at driving.
A Nissan LEAF electric vehicle fitted with an autonomous driving system owned and operated by Cruise Automation , the company that produces a $10,000 aftermarket self-driving system, crashed into a parked Prius on Jan. 8 in San Francisco after the human driver took driving control away from the vehicle.
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The accident occurred when the self-driving LEAF began drifting from left to right within its lane. The driver then reclaimed driving control from the car. At that point, "the operator did not change the path of the vehicle and it collided with an unoccupied Toyota Prius," according to the DMV crash reported embedded below. Thankfully, neither car had more than a bit of damage and the driver was uninjured. Read more... More about Cars , Tech , Transportation , Nissan , and Cruise Automation