Twitter is gloriously roasting the ridiculous premise of House Hunters

Get your budget sheets ready.
The HGTV hit show House Hunters follows couples who are trying to find their perfect home on their budget. 
While the premise of the show sounds simple, some Twitter users have pointed out how absurd the differences between the couple's tastes in decor and spending can be.
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[House Hunters episode] HUSBAND: I'm a freelance hamster trainer WIFE: And I tune harmonicas part-time HUSBAND: Our budget is $950K
— Valerie (@ValeeGrrl) April 19, 2017

@ValeeGrrl @KimmyMonte HUSBAND: I’m looking for an original English Tudor WIFE: I would really love a modern house, clean lines, white cabinets AGENT: ...
— Ryan LeFevre (@MeltingIce) April 20, 2017
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